British Wrestling Legend Jim Breaks Arrested For Murder

Jim Breaks, famous for his time in "World of Sport" has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife at their home in the Canary Islands.

Jim Breaks, famous for his time in World of Sport has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife at their home in the Canary Islands.

Via PWI:

Breaks was taken into custody on suspicion of her murder but has not been charged as authorities are still finishing their investigation.

Later in the week, Breaks returned to his home to present evidence to police, then things took a sad turn.

Via Daily Mail:

Breaks, now 80 years old, refused a piece of cardboard offered to him by officers to cover up his face. And he was fighting fit as he was taken away after helping the investigation team build up a picture of events leading up to tragic mum-of-two Donna’s death inside his former appartment.

He was almost lifted off his feet off by two officers either side of him as he struggled while being taken to an unmarked Peugeot 307 police car. One of the Civil Guard looked like he was wrestling Breaks, grabbing him by his shirt sleeve to force him onto the back seat. At one point during the struggle his black trousers fell down to expose his underpants.

Who is Jim Breaks?

As stated previously, Breaks was a star of the original World of Sport television program in the 70s and 80s. Breaks was a pioneering heel who would cheat, injure opponents, and yell at the crowd during a time when British wrestling was primarily an athletic endeavor about sportsmanship and fair competition.

He invented the move aptly called the “Breaks Special” a unique arm-bar submission that tortured opponents and popped joints.

The hold was reintroduced to modern audiences by Zack Sabre Jr, Pete Dunne, and others.

Here is Breaks wrestling with the fellow UK and Japan legend Dynamite Kid

When Wrestlers Turn To Murderers

Unfortunately, Breaks is not the first well-known wrestler to turn into a murder.

  • In 2007, WWe Superstar Chris Benoit murdered his wife and son before hanging himself.
  • Before his death”Superfly” Jimmy Snuka was under suspicion for murdering his girlfriend, Nancy Argentino in 1983.
  • Jose Gonzales, known as “Invader I” was suspected of stabbing Brusier Brody to death in a Puerto Rican locker-room during a confrontation.
  • Wrestling legend Verne Gange, suffering from Alzheimer’s, body slammed his nursing home roommate to death. Gagne was not charged and the family pressed no charges, due to Gange’s mental state.

We will keep this story updated as the situation develops.

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