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Back in June, conspiracy website presented a documentary claiming that scientists had unearthed mummified remains of ancient reptilian aliens near the famed Nazca Lines in southern Peru.

The mummies have elongated skulls and three abnormally long fingers and toes on each hand and foot.


Many prominent scientists were quick to dismiss the alleged find as a hoax. However, controversial Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan held a press conference Tuesday claiming that the mummified alien bodies are genuine:

During Tuesday’s conference, entitled “The Mummies of Nazca,” Maussan presented X-rays of the mummified remains which he claimed proved that they were genuine.

He claimed that DNA sequencing and CAT scans were being conducted and that carbon dating of samples from the bodies indicated that they were mummified between 245 A.D. and 410 A.D.

“Nobody has proven that it is a fraud. We are going to present preliminary evidence that will determine in the eyes of the media, that these are true specimen,” Maussan told UFO enthusiasts and journalists at the conference. “And if there are still doubts that this is real, the obligation of Peruvians and the whole world is to preserve these bodies to find a true answer.”

Indeed, some scientists seem to believe that these alleged aliens are the real deal:

Express reported that M.K. Jesse, an expert in musculoskeletal radiology at the University of Colorado Hospital, said the remains appeared to be genuine. The expert said it was unlikely that the elongated skull and the three-fingered hands were forgeries.

“They do show a CT scan of the mummy, which, if genuine, does suggest they are actually bones,” Mick West, administrator of the debunking website, Metabunk, said, according to Express. “The Skull is interesting, as from the x-ray shown it looks like a real skull, but oddly shaped.”

Others, however, remain unconvinced:

The British UFO researcher Nigel Watson had dismissed the allegedly mummified alien bodies as “110 percent fake,” when Maussan first announced the discovery last June. He pointed out that Maussan has been accused in the past of promoting questionable finds as evidence of the existence of alien life. Watson also claimed that Maussan’s latest find was a hoax being pushed as part of a money-making scheme.

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