The “Great Balls of Fire” PPV is already a surprise in that WWE went with such an interesting name for a show. The card was filled with title matches and interesting match ups. All of which set up for a few big surprises. WWE is at its best when the matches are good and the outcomes are shocking and fulfilling.

WWE has shown a knack in the last few years of exceeding expectations during “minor” Pay Per Views. Though I can hardly see how GBOF is “minor.” It was Brock Lesnar’s first defense of the Universal Title since he won at Wrestlemania. During the build to his match with Samoa Joe, Lesnar has been choked out and dominated by the Samoan Submission Machine. The Hardys got one more shot at the Tag Titles in an Iron Man match against Sheamus and Cesaro, and Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt looked to defy expectations of their hastily put-together feud.

With all that in mind though, a shocking part of one match left the entirety of the WWE Universe in shock! Here’s how one of the biggest shocks of Great Balls of Fire went down.

Alexa Bliss squared off against Sasha Banks for the Raw Women’s Title. The two exchanged blows and arm bars until it looked like Alexa Bliss suffered a horrific injury. But then the unthinkable happened.

Yikes. Alexa Bliss is VERY double-jointed. So much so that I had to turn away from the screen because I thought her elbow was sticking out her forearm.

Fans on Twitter were aghast at the bizarre display!

Some people pointed out that Bliss had pulled off the feat before. But she’s NEVER done it on such a big stage with such high stakes!

Alexa Bliss retained the title after being intentionally counted out. Banks wasn’t having ANY of that though and decided to attack Lil Miss Bliss.

What did you think of the spot? Share your thoughts.

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