TSA engagement ring

There are plenty of negative stories regarding air travel these days. That’s why this story is so heartwarming.

It can be stressful going through TSA checkpoints. Between taking off your shoes and getting scanned and pat down, you might lose or forget something. That’s what happened to one traveller in Albany.

Kana Chi-Murenbeeld lost the diamond in her engagement ring somewhere in the TSA checkpoint. She was frantic to find it. The TSA agents could have easily dismissed her as they had work to do, but they didn’t. They got down on their hands and knees to search for this needle in a haystack.

It seemed like a long shot to find something so small, but they prevailed. The diamond was found in a very unlikely place. Officer Steven Kaminski found the stone in an bin next to a tissue as the video below details.

Kana was thrilled to have her stone back and TSA supervisors were very proud of their employees.

“I am always very proud of what the officers do everyday in protecting the flying public, and this incident really stands out. It truly highlights the professionalism and compassion of a group of officers who genuinely went above and beyond the call of duty and I commend them for it,”¬†TSA upstate New York Federal Security Director Bart Johnson said.

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Source: AOL

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