Restaurants in at least three states have received yellowfin tuna that contains traces of Hepatitis A. Three states – California, Texas, and Oklahoma – got shipments of the contaminated fish.

The FDA released a statement with the following information:

On May 18, Hilo Fish Company began recalling tuna sourced from Sustainable Seafood Company and Santa Cruz Seafood, Inc. that tested positive for the hepatitis A virus. The FDA is providing a list of establishments in TX, OK, and CA that may currently have potentially contaminated tuna in commerce to help alert consumers that may be at risk of the hepatitis A virus. Contact your health care professional if you believe you have been exposed to contaminated tuna.

There haven’t been any reported cases of illnesses at the CDC which is great news. Hepatitis A is a disease that causes all sorts of health issues. You can learn more about the recall here:

If you live in any of the listed states, you should be extra cautious when purchasing tuna.

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Source: Rare