The Rock selfie

Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the coolest celebrities around. He’s been a success on almost every level and what he did during Wednesday’s National Selfie Day should go down as a major win for the fans!

A young truck driver saw Johnson driving on the highway and somehow, some way got him to pull over so they could take a selfie together.

The young man was jubilant, star struck and losing his breath as he tried to get his camera ready for the quick snapshot.

Watching Johnson talk to the young man, you can tell he was happy to meet him and laughing at his reaction at the same time. Now we have to talk safety to you also. Don’t go running down celebrities on the highway asking them for selfies. It’s dangerous and you might get pulled over by a cop for stalking.

This video has to be the coolest! Imagine you’re driving down the highway and you see one of your favorite actors driving right beside you and they say yes to a quick selfie. Would your reaction be the same as this young man?

I would think so.

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