There have been a lot of managers throughout the course of WWE history. Sometimes they don’t get enough play, but they’re an integral part of the promotion.

Here are my top five that are heads — and urns and tennis rackets — above the rest.

“Captain” Lou Albano

best wwe managers

There is no manager in WWE history more decorated than the uniquely wild “Captain” Lou Albano. Over the course of his 42-year career, he guided a whopping 15 different tag teams and four singles competitors to championship gold, including The Wild Samoans, The British Bulldogs, The Blackjacks, and Ivan Koloff.

Not only that, but Albano is directly responsible for the 1980s “Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection” that launched pro wrestling into the mainstream. While on vacation in Puerto Rico, Albano met Cyndi Lauper. She asked him to play her father in the video for her iconic song, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” which subsequently led Vince McMahon to feature her in a segment on “Piper’s Pit.” The rest is rasslin’ history.

Paul Bearer

best wwe managers

The Undertaker is one of the most iconic wrestlers of all time. Likewise, there was no one who could have possibly stood alongside ‘Taker quite like Paul Bearer.

Bearer made his debut in February 1991. Controlling the Undertaker through the power of his ever-present urn, Bearer led The Phenom to his first WWE Championship at Survivor Series that same year. He also kicked off the Undertaker’s iconic WrestleMania Streak.

Perhaps it’s fitting then, that the Streak ended at the hands of Brock Lesner just weeks after Bearer’s passing.

Jim Cornette

best wwe managers

Many people have many strong feelings about Jim Cornette. But there’s no denying his title as one of the greatest managers of all time.

During his run managing The Midnight Express, fans throughout the South hated spoiled momma’s boy Cornette so much that they actually cheered when he fell from a 20-foot scaffold and broke both his knees at Starrcade in 1986.

The heat only continued when he transitioned to WWE to form “Camp Cornette,” a top heel stable including the likes of Yokozuna, Owen Hart, and Vader.

Besides, who can forget that tennis racket?

Paul Heyman

best wwe managers

I hate Paul Heyman. I hate Brock Lesnar. And for that reason Heyman is one of my favorite managers on this list.

Heyman is one of the best, if not the best, promos in all of professional wrestling. When he takes the mic you have to stop and listen — it’s not a choice. You’re simply compelled to do so.

Likewise, you can’t help but watch when Lesnar, the genetic freak that he is, is tearing his opponents apart in the ring. Heyman is the brains; Lesnar is the braun. It’s a match made in managerial heaven.

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

best wwe managers

Who else would be first on this list but the incomparable Bobby “The Brain” Heenan?

Heenan’s quick wit and insults are second to none, and that alone makes him managerial gold. But if’s that not enough, just take a look at a list of some of the people he managed: Ric Flair. Rick Rude. Mr. Perfect. Nick Bockwinkel. Andre the Giant.

And even when he stepped away from managing to become a commentator, his banter with Gorilla Monsoon was must-watch. Dare say, it made the entire show.

There will never be another like Bobby Heenan — those shoes are way too big to fill.

Do you agree with this list? Would you have added someone else or left off another? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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