A Florida man got the catch of a lifetime last weekend. He caught a 17 foot extremely rare sawfish. In an odd twist of fate, Josh Ludwig actually saved the fish’s life by catching it.

They wrestled with the fish for two hours, not realizing what type it was. They were shocked to see the fish, which looks like it is straight from the dinosaur era with its saw-like teeth. The fish was tangled up in an abandoned rope.

After removing and reviving the huge creature, Josh and his friends released it. Had they not caught the endangered fish, it likely wouldn’t have survived very long because of the rope.

These fish are able to grow up to 25 feet long. They have been on the critically endangered species list for quite some time and haven’t yet been able to rebound. This underscores the importance of Ludwig’s saving of this fish.

More information on the dinosaur looking sawfish is in the video below.

Source: BroBible

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