road rage

Where is Sheriff Joe Arpaio when you need him? This road rage incident happened in Maricopa County, where Arpaio used to be the sheriff.

The person who captured the video didn’t narrate how this incident began but he swooped in to take out his camera phone to record what happened.

Road rage is a huge problem on today’s highways and with the summer heat added to the mix, you can only imagine tempers raising 5-10 degrees higher. I will admit that I have gotten road rage while driving on the highway but I’ve never taking things in this dangerous direction.

The driver with road rage thought he had the best of his victim, but imagine if the other driver pulled out a gun to defend himself? The victim did not have a gun with him, but he did have a surprise waiting for his attacker.


Credit: Viral Hog

Usually, when you watch videos like this, you tend to see the attacker either continuing the attack or driving off. I think the victim won this round, what do you think?

Just remember, don’t try this at home, my friends. Take a photo of the license plate if you feel like being a hero but don’t retaliate. You never know what these car owners are carrying.

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