WWE Hof Ring Pawn Stars

If you’ve ever seen Pawn Stars, people often bring them items that wind up being worth a lot of money. So how much is a Hall of Fame ring that belonged to WWE star Paul Bearer worth?

A close family friend of the late Bearer walked into Pawn Stars’ shop, with the goal of selling the Hall of Fame ring in order to provide the family with some much needed- money.

What something is “worth” is what people are willing to pay for it. Some people may think Picasso’s paintings aren’t worth millions of dollars but if that is what somebody is willing to pay, all bets are off.

As you can see, the two sides are FAR apart. Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison clearly didn’t take WWE, or its Hall of Fame, seriously, and was unwilling to offer the more than $20,000 the seller was asking for.

Who do you agree with? Is the ring worth as much or as little as they say? Share this with others and see what they say!