Some good news for Paige fans, because it seems like the former Diva’s champion will return to the WWE soon. The internet has been swamped with videos of Paige training for her return. I am certainly happy that she is returning, and hopefully leaving all the negativity from the past couple of months behind her.

Pad Work in the Gym

The most recent video circulating on the internet features Paige doing some pad work in the gym with her trainer. This video certainly indicated that Paige is on the comeback trail. There are also numerous photos of Paige doing weights in the gym. Recent pictures and video of her training can be found on Paige’s Instagram account.

Overcoming the Odds

I have to be honest with you, after the abusive comments Alberto Del Rio made against the WWE and Triple H, I believed Paige’s career within the WWE was over. So, it is good to see that we can expect this amazing female wrestler in the ring again.

Still, I sincerely hope that all the Alberto Del Rio drama stays out of the WWE. As I have stated before, what Paige and Del Rio do in their private lives is their business. If they are happy together, that is the main thing, just leave it out of the job.

Which Roster Will Paige Go To?

One question remaining is which roster will Paige go to? Paige left shortly after the first draft and before the Superstar shakeup, so she could go to either the SmackDown or RAW roster in theory.

RAW and SmackDown are currently attempting to use their entire roster, which has resulted in some brilliant TV over the past couple of weeks. However, the comeback of Paige could provide some problems. With current story-lines being played out, what will happen to Paige when she returns?

Ideally, I would like to see Paige on the RAW roster. The SmackDown roster is functioning well, but the RAW roster needs a bit of a boost, despite the move of Alexa Bliss to Monday Night RAW. Unfortunately, I don’t see a spot for Paige on the SmackDown roster.

Which roster could use Paige the most? How do you view the return of the former Diva’s champion? Let us know in the comment section below! I look forward to reading your unsalted opinions!

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