Science continues to move ahead to find a cure for cancer. One of the ways of combating cancer is early detection, and some new techniques may be able to detect the potentially fatal disease with a simple blood test.

When a tumor is found in a person, doctors normally have to conduct a biopsy, which is a highly invasive surgery that sometimes isn’t successful in the diagnosis. More explanation here:

When blood flows through a tumor, tiny bits of dead tissue including DNA are shed into the blood stream. Now, in theory, the liquid biopsy should be as simple as a blood test that should be able to pick up these bits of cancerous DNA and identify the cancer. But, as ever, it is not that easy. This is because these little pieces of “cell-free” DNA only make up a tiny fraction of what usually constitutes blood.

Researchers believe they have been able to refine a blood test that won’t miss those bits of cancerous DNA, making for successful tests and being able to catch cancer in people a lot faster. If that happens, treatment can begin sooner and save more lives. You can learn more here:

Cancer takes the life of thousands of people every year. This new development will hopefully go a long way in helping people fight back against the deadly disease.

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Source: IFL Science