Natalya Buys Home for Her Parents

Natalya is truly the sweetheart of wrestling. Despite playing a heel character, she is still one of the most beloved female superstars. Now, she has proven her beautiful character again by buying her parents a home.

Looking After Her Parents


If you have watched Total Divas in the past, you already know about the special bond between Natalya and her parents. She took care of her father and sent him to rehab when he had problems with controlled substances. Of course, she has not only played a role in the life of her parents and their health, but also in her sister Jennifer’s life. She tried to set Jennifer up with WWE Superstar Big E.

Now, Natalya’s taking care of her parents again by buying them a home. This is what she said about it.

Natalya & Her Fans


Of course, Natalya is not only beloved by the WWE Universe because of her excellent relationship with her family, but also because of her friendliness towards fans.

Make a Wish

Nattie has been active with the Make a Wish Foundation over the past couple of years. She granted her first Make a Wish several years ago, where she met a fan with a neurological condition.

The Cat Lady

Everyone knows that Natalya and her husband T.J. are obsessed with cats. I think that is one of her most adorable qualities, too.

Take a look at this:

If you are not aware, Nattie’s cat has become famous. He has his own Instagram account called 2 Pawz! Nattie is also actively involved with her local cat shelter. So, this superstar is far from heel in her everyday life.

Natalya’s Heel Side

I did not like Nattie as a heel in the beginning, but I think she is perfect as a heel now. Even though she is a terrible heel in many people’s eyes, she makes an annoying heel, which is the most brilliant heel in my opinion.

I’m certainly glad Natalya has obtained more exposure in SmackDown because she certainly deserves it! Even though there is a lot of female talent on the roster, she is a true veteran who is bound to end up in the Hall of Fame.

I cannot wait to see what Natalya will bring us in the future. She already has a career that spans over 20 years – 10 in the WWE – Nattie is certainly not done with the wrestling business yet. I for one could not be more happy about that!

What do you think of Natalya and the fact she bought her parents a new home? Are you a fan and want to share a Natalya story? Be sure to mention it in the comment section below!