Mia the Cockapoo

America’s Got Talent is back for its 12th Season and we have already seen some amazing performances, especially one by Darci Farmer, but Edna Moore’s cockapoo, Mia, might be the dark horse!

Mia’s skill is her ability to count, whether it’s from a verbal command from Edna or from reading off a flashcard.

Edna describes her talent, “Mia, she can count any number between one and 50. She also reads number flash cards. … If you would like to choose a number for her to count to, I’ll tell her to count it?”

Howie Mandell jumps right out of the gate and asks Mia to count four. Mia is easily up to the challenge and lets out four barks!

Then Simon Cowell still a little skeptical asks Mia to count to 16. That’s when Mia absolutely stumps Cowell with 16 barks.

However, her toughest challenge came when Tyra Banks chooses a flash card with the number 20. Without saying a word to Mia, she begins counting to 20, but is she successful?

Watch and find out:

Edna and Mia the Cockapoo will definitely give Darci Farmer a run for her money!

What has been your favorite act so far this year?

America’s Got Talent airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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