Man drags cop with car

In the game of life, sometimes you win and other times you will find yourself taking a loss. In the video below, take the loss and walk away with a ticket. Don’t follow the template of making police officers try to force their way into your car and then you take off with them hanging on.

If you put an officer’s life in danger you will certainly face multiple charges. The court won’t look favorably on your situation at all.

In the video below, officers were trying to get into a vehicle, but the driver wasn’t having it. Now, if you are intending to anger law enforcement, you are on the right track. What happened in the video will only end in a beatdown if you are caught.

Watch the video below:

Credit: ViralHog

I know for a fact, nobody reading this article would ever do anything like this so what was in the driver’s head? What’s your mental state to do this and think you’re going to get away?

I can’t see this turning out too well for the driver. Hopefully, they were caught and will face trial with all their limbs still functioning.

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