James Comey

Remember the James Comey memo?

This was the memo that supposedly proved that Trump ordered then FBI Director James Comey to end the investigation into Michael Flynn.

That memo was never verified, because it was read to a slimy New York Times reporter over the phone. No physical copy existed.

Well, thanks to James Comey’s testimony today, we now know the backstory behind the memo. And it isn’t pretty, especially for Comey.

The former FBI head admitted, under oath, that he was responsible for the memo being leaked to the New York Times.


Comey straight-up admitted that he leaked information to the press that would damage the president.

This makes me ill. How in the world does a sitting FBI Director leak information about their boss to an adversarial press outlet in order to damage the president’s reputation?

Comey needs to face consequences for this. He leaked a “memo” to the New York Times with the intent to damage Trump. He deserved being fired. And he deserves to sit behind bars.

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UPDATE – The man Comey gave the memo to in order to leak it has confirmed he received it:

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer also points out that the memo could have been classified information:

This is just more damning evidence that proves Comey should be behind bars!

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