Even though I’m happy for Samoa Joe and love the fact that he won the fatal 5-way at Extreme Rules, I am afraid that Joe is just going to be fodder for Lesnar. Curious why I believe this to be the case? Please read on to find out!

Lesnar Keeps Title Until WrestleMania

Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns

Unless the WWE has changed its mind, Lesnar is set to hold the Universal Title until next WrestleMania. Numerous sources have told us that the plan is for Roman Reigns to defeat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. So, does this mean Joe is just one of the many superstars that will be fed to Lesnar in the meantime?

Finn Balor & Paul Heyman

The other funny thing is the conversation that took place between Paul Heyman and Finn Balor before the fatal 5-way at Extreme Rules. During this conversation, Heyman said that Finn was the only one that could come out as a serious contender. What was the point of this segment? Was it to put us on the wrong track? Or is Finn set to take the title from Lesnar instead of Roman Reigns?

There has been some grumbling about Roman Reigns going for the Intercontinental Title against the Miz, until he is ready to take the Universal Title from Lesnar at WrestleMania. The way things are going now, it looks like that is the case since the Miz took the title from Ambrose last night.

My Hope

Samoa Joe

Even though it is extremely likely that Brock Lesnar will beat Samoa Joe at Great Balls of Fire (God! I truly hate that name), I still hope the WWE changes its mind and finally takes the title from Lesnar. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sure tired of paper champions!

Samoa Joe did release a warning for “the Beast”, stating the following:

“To Brock Lesnar, you start your training camp up right now. You climb those mountains and carry those logs, you throw people around, you beat up every sparring partner that you can bring into your camp and I can guarantee you still won’t be prepared for what I do to you.”

Unfortunately, I don’t believe this will make any difference whatsoever. I think the WWE has a plan in place and they are going to follow it despite what the fans want. Therefore, I urge the WWE to prove me wrong!

What I’m honestly scared about is the effect a loss against Lesnar will do to the career of Samoa Joe. Seriously, this guy is way too good to lose to a paper champion. So, if he loses, it takes away a lot of his credibility. If the WWE is so focussed on getting a “Beast” in the WWE, put your money on Joe and Strowman, and get rid of this excuse of a champion at the next pay-per-view.

What do you think about Samoa Joe winning the 1st contender spot? Do you believe he has a chance of beating the Beast, or do you think he is fodder as well?

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