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Gangsta Rapper Ice Cube Viciously Attacks Hard-Working Police Officers

Ice Cube attacks police in a new song.

Rapper Ice Cube isn’t a fan of the police. After saying in an interview last year that he was giving up performing “F*ck The Police,” he has a released a new song that takes aim at those heroes who wear a badge to protect us from thugs.

The gangsta rapper released a new song “Good Cop Bad Cop.” He asks if a good cop is just a fantasy because they just want to “send another young brother to jail.”

Ice Cube appears to want to dial up the hostility with police with the lyric, “Black Lives Matter, it’s not chit chatter. Cause all they wanna do is scatter brain matter. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. A nine is terrible in your face.”

The rapper is looking to capitalize on angry African Americans who seek to paint the police as racists. When he needs help, who is this fool going to call after he has been disparaging the police for decades?

You can hear “Good Cop Bad Cop” in the video below. (Warning: Explicit Language)

Ice Cube doesn’t seem to care if the cop is white or black. He appears to take aim at all of them in this song, just like the thug he is.

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Source: Breitbart

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