man dangles baby window

An Algerian man has been thrown in jail for two years for dangling his infant son out a 15th story window in a stunt to get Facebook likes.

This is disgusting:

A father of a young toddler in the city of Bab Ezzouar in Algeria, held his son by the shirt, with only one hand, and dangled him out of his apartment window, fifteen stories up. He then posted the photo on Facebook, with the caption “1,000 likes or I will drop him.”

Unsurprisingly, Facebook users were outraged at the man’s cruel actions:

One online poster said: “What is most striking is that it appears that the father is carrying his son with his left hand while using his right hand to take the picture, this means the picture is more important than the child’s life.”

The man was swiftly reported and subsequently taken to court and prosecuted in Algiers. On June 19 he was sentenced to two years in prison.

But while the man has been given his due punishment, Psychologist Dr. Noura Rahmani said that the poor child could be traumatized for life:

“The father is unaware of the magnitude of this heinous act which he has committed. In the future, the child may suffer from episodic fits resulting from the fear he endured in this act.”

It’s unclear whose care the child is in now that the father has been locked away. One thing is for certain: he should never be allowed near his son again.

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