I must admit I adore the current storyline with Enzo Amore. The WWE is trying to switch it up and this mystery is certainly doing the trick. Still, after another attack on Enzo Amore, who is the culprit? Here is my list of possibilities!

1. Big Cass


It seems like the majority of fans believe that Big Cass is the one who attacked Enzo on two different occasions. Wrestling fans are not the only ones who claim Big Cass is the culprit. Even famous wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer stated that Big Cass will be revealed as Enzo’s attacker!

The WWE also put in some clear hints that Big Cass might be the offender. The statement that Cass could have something to do with the attack was made by Corey Graves in the commentary team. He was later confronted by Cass in a rather heel manner. It also seems like Cass is always close when Enzo gets attacked. Could the S.A.W.F.T team be breaking up?

2. The Revival

The Revival

The Revival was also mentioned as a possibility over the past couple of weeks. This was due to a video plant of the WWE, where the revival was seen near the location of the incident. Of course, this was most likely done to put us off the scent.

During an interview this week, the Revival claimed they hadn’t been near RAW for weeks due to the broken jaw Dash Wilder suffered. Then, the interviewer played the video that was released last week, where the Revival was spotted in the building. This forced the pair to swallow their claims.

Kurt Angle would throw around more confusion later in RAW, stating that he saw the Revival left the building before Enzo’s attack. What is going on?!

Why Is Enzo Being Targeted?


Big Cass and the Revival are the only two culprits I am considering now, but you do have to wonder why Enzo is being attacked. For the story to make sense, there has to be a motive. So, in my opinion, Cass has the best motive out of all the possibilities – frustration! Since Enzo has cost Cass a lot of matches, he could be seeking revenge!

Unless there is someone coming up from NXT, it is certainly likely that Cass is the culprit. However, someone did suggest that Sanity could be an option. Still, I fail to see a motive for Sanity to attack Enzo. They are more likely to attack a tag team, but it is still worth considering as a possibility.


I’m not wholeheartedly convinced that Big Cass is the culprit, even though he tops my list. It could be a call-up from the NXT roster too, because a lot of information we are receiving seems to be planted by the WWE to put us on the wrong track. In conclusion, I’m intrigued! So, well done RAW creative!

Who do you think attacked Enzo? Do you believe it is any of the wrestlers the WWE is suggesting? Or is there someone that we haven’t even considered yet? Let us know in the comment section below!

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