Mandy Harvey

Mandy Harvey stepped up to the microphone on America’s Got Talent and blew everyone away including Simon Cowell who smacked his Golden Buzzer.

But Mandy’s performance wasn’t the only thing amazing about her, she actually lost her hearing at 18 years of age due to a connective tissue disorder that saw her nerves deteriorate in her inner ear. However, she didn’t let that stop her from pursuing her dreams and taking her talents to America’s Got Talent.

After hitting the Golden Buzzer, Simon Cowell exclaimed, “I’ve done this a long time and that is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen or heard.”

Many explains how she figured out how to get back into music using muscle memory, visual tuners, and trusting her pitch.

Judge Howie Mandell asked, “So, your shoes are off because you are feeling the vibration, is that how you are following the music.”

Mandy responded, “Yea, I’m feeling the tempo, the beat through the floor.”

See this amazing performance for yourself:

Mandy explains the song is actually about her not wanting to give up after she lost her hearing.

Her voice is absolutely stunning and her song is strong and powerful with an exceptional message, “the only thing in my way is me.”

Mandy shows that with hard work and dedication you can overcome even a debilitating illness such as deafness.

Simon Cowell continued to praise Mandy, “Honestly, I never think I’m going to be surprised or amazed by people and then you turn up…It was your voice, your tone, the song was beautiful. Congratulations, you are straight through to the live shows. Mandy, you know what, we found each other.”

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