breast cancer signs

Women are encouraged to be vigilant in the fight against breast cancer. In addition to getting regular mammograms, monthly self exams are encouraged to search for signs or changes.

The most common signs of breast cancer are look and feel changes to the breast or nipple and nipple discharges. Susan G. Komen has posted some diagrams and warning signs to look for in your self exams.


Breasts can have bumpy texture. Some women naturally have lumpy tissue. If the tissue is lumpy throughout the breast or feels the same on the other breast, there isn’t a cause for alarm. Lumps that are harder or different than the rest of the tissue or tissue from the other breast should be checked out. Change in lumpiness should also be checked out by a healthcare professional.

Nipple discharge

Leaking nipples can be a cause for concern but they are rarely a sign a breast cancer. Women should consider seeing a health care provider for any discharge as it may be caused by something else, including an infection.

Signs of a serious issue, perhaps even breast cancer, include discharge without squeezing the nipple, clear or bloody discharge rather than being milky, and the leak only occurring in one breast.

More information on breast cancer warning signs are in the video below.

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Source: Susan G. Komen

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