When people find out the sex of their unborn baby they usually announce it with a card, a Facebook post, or something like that. Country music star Brantley Gilbert and his wife went totally redneck in how they announced the sex of their baby!

Here’s how it all happened. Gilbert and his wife Amber were excited about finding out the sex of their baby and when they got the news they didn’t look! They invited friends and family over to tell them. But they didn’t just open an envelope to announce it. Gilbert got his rifle out to shoot at a target some distance away and when he hit it a blue cloud of smoke came out of the target. It was filled with blue powder showing the couple was going to have a boy!

Hey everybody, I know a lot of you have been guessin and bettin on whether Amber and I are havin a boy or a girl…….

Posted by Brantley Gilbert on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Brantley Gilbert told People, “We got to go to the doctor’s and pick up the envelope with the [sex] in it. Then we took it to the guy who was packing the powder. We dropped it off, then waited until the big moment…and man, when we saw that blue cloud of smoke rising?! There are no words.

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Source: Country Rebel