We’ve been all over the place with this latest storyline featuring Enzo and Big Cass. I feel like I have been pulled in so many different directions, especially with Big Cass being attacked recently! Who was behind the attack? We had a lot of theories. On the June 19th episode of Raw, GM Kurt Angle promised he would reveal the perpetrators.

The answer was SHOCKING to the WWE Universe.



Over the past couple of weeks, it seems like everyone had their money on Big Cass being the one that attacked Enzo. Still, now Big Cass has been attacked, it seems like someone else is behind it. Or not? Big Cass faked his attack and planted the Enzo-like necklace on himself.

Cass explained himself and that it had been a long-time coming:

So now what? Will Cass and Enzo get big singles pushes? The logical step here is that the two will have a match at Great Balls of Fire, but it remains to be seen what happens next. Cass has established himself as a singles wrestler before, but Enzo works best in a tag team and is superior on the mic. Many fans also wonder why they were broken up before getting a title push.

Regardless, a mystery has been solved. Enzo and Cass are no more. Let’s look back at some of their greatest moments:


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