YouTube has changed its regulations for monetization; this has left many YouTube channel owners reeling! One of the YouTube channel owners seriously impacted by the new regulations is wrestling promotion WCPW, who were forced to cancel wrestling events as a consequence!

Non-Advertiser Friendly Content

The main reason why the new monetization regulations have devastated WCPW is the claim that the channel puts out non-advertiser friendly content.

Because of the changes, a recent match between Alberto El Patron and Rey Mysterio Jr only earned a meager $44. The real surprise in all this? The video actually received more than a million views!

The Consequences of Low Advertising Revenue

Needless to say, the lower advertising income had a serious impact on the wrestling promotion’s ability to organize events. In a long Tweet, the company announced the following:

In a decision that has not been made lightly, WCPW must today announce that the forthcoming weekly Loaded shows at Manchester’s Bowlers Exhibition Centre will no longer be going ahead.

Effective immediately, our June 9, June 16, June 23, June 30, July 14, July 28, August 4, August 11, and August 18 shows have been pulled from our events pages, and refunds will be issued automatically to anyone who has purchased tickets to these events.

All other announced dates, including our PPVs and all Pro Wrestling World Cup dates are unaffected by this. Our initial June 2 show will also be going ahead as scheduled, and all tickets purchased for this are still valid.

This is a decision that we absolutely did not want to make, but unfortunately it has been taken out of our hands by YouTube.

More YouTube Channels at Risk

Naturally, the WCPW is not the only party affected by the YouTube changes. There are several thousand of people on YouTube who make a living through their content. With the arrival of these drastic changes, many wonder if they can still survive in this environment?

It is no secret that the rules for monetization on YouTube have turned a lot stricter over the past couple of months, so WCPW is probably not the only one who feels the effect of these new regulations.

So, what do you need to make money on YouTube now? Firstly, your channel needs a whopping 10,000 views! Then, you must ensure that your content does not infringe on any copyright, is suitable for YouTube advertisers and more. In conclusion, getting on YouTube is an uphill battle not many can fight!

Is This the End for WCPW?

Since WCPW obtained the majority of its revenue from advertising, one does have to wonder what the monetization change means for them.

For now, the company has canceled several events and was forced to repay numerous tickets to the fans who had purchased them. Canceling events is a serious thing, so I believe that the problem with YouTube will have more consequences.

I honestly hope that WCPW can overcome this because this brand has produced some great talent who are now on the main stage of WWE. Without these promotions, talent has no way to work their way up.

Therefore, I hope that someone will step up and save WCPW.

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