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Anisa Gannon was stuck in traffic because of a bad accident. Not knowing exactly what was going on at the scene, the 19-year-old took a picture in the distance to send to her boss to explain why she was late to work. Now that picture is bringing a lot of comfort to the families of the three people who died in the accident because it shows a remarkable thing: a real-life Stairway to Heaven.

Hannah Simmons and her baby girl, A’lannah, died in the accident. Hannah’s best friend Lauren Buteau was also in the car accompanying them to the baby’s doctor appointment when Hannah lost control of the car. They all died.

Anissa didn’t know it was a fatal accident when she took the picture. When her aunt pointed out the light looked like a “stairway to heaven,” she decided to show Hannah’s and Lauren’s grieving family members.

Hannah and Lauren’s mother got so much comfort from this picture. They believe it shows their daughter and granddaughter going “straight to heaven” in the emotional video below.


With such a simple act, Anissa helped these grieving families. “It makes me feel good,” she said. “I helped someone.”

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