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25-year-old female, Cheyenne Alexis Harris, decided the smart thing to do when she was pulled over was to hand over a weed-blunt to the officer. Yes, a weed blunt. What in the world was she thinking?

Can you imagine the officer’s face?

From CBS Baltimore:

The traffic stop occurred at 10:10 p.m. Monday, when an Anne Arundel County Police Department detective stopped a vehicle on southbound Ritchie Hwy, at I-695.

The detective pulled the vehicle over after noticing the driver failed to yield right-of-way to another vehicle.

After speaking with the driver and passenger, the detective noticed an odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle.

The driver and passenger, identified as Cheyenne Alexis Harris, were asked to get out of the vehicle, and as they were getting out, police report Harris handed a detective a “partially smoked ‘blunt’ suspected marijuana cigarette.”

After discovering 323 empty gel caps, 3.7 grams of marijuana, 4.9 grams of cocaine, two 5mg tablets of oxycodone, two capsules of suspected Ecstasy/Molly, and 19 green/clear gel caps of heroin Cheyenne Alexis Harris was taken into custody and charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine and heroin, possession of MDMA and oxycodone, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Have you ever heard of someone being that brash, that arrogant to just offer the policeman their weed to smoke? She must have been out of her mind.

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