Going to a baseball game comes with risks. You always have to keep your eyes on the game or you might get creamed by a ball. One woman learned this the hard way when she took a ball to the face.

Deana Stankey was enjoying a meal in the outfield restaurant as the Twins battled the A’s when Miguel Sang drove a 466-foot homerun right into her face.

That hurts just to watch it! Here husband said, “You could actually hear the pop when it hit her face.” People pointed out that you MUST keep your eye on the game to avoid this. I bet she will always be watching from here on out!

The woman was taken for X-rays for her jaw. Her son returned to the game with two Sano baseballs and an autographed bat that he exchanged for the homerun ball.

Even sports reporters must keep their eyes on the ball. In the video below, you see a Fox Sports reporter get smacked on the wrist by a ball during a live broadcast. That had to hurt like heck but she had to control her reaction as she was on live television!

This ball was launched so far that it set a park record. Deana never expected a ball to go that far as it had never happened before. She was taken away by an ambulance but  was back home that evening.

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