Jinder Mahal Encourages Young People to Say NO to Drugs in Punjab

I have an appreciation for Jinder Mahal, despite the rumors that he might be using illegal performance enhancers, which I’ll elaborate more on later. Still, I wanted this to be a positive article since Jinder is on a quest to eradicate the drug problem in his ancestral home of India.

Speaking Out About Punjab Drug Problem


During an interview with the Times of India, Jinder spoke out about the immense drug problem India is facing. Even though he is officially Canadian, Jinder still wanted to inspire young people in India to say no to drugs. Here is what he said in the interview:

“I want to send a message to India’s youth. Anything is possible.”

“Especially in Punjab, there is a huge drug problem right now. Stay away from that, take care of your body and respect yourself”

“Play sports, do exercise, stay healthy, get a good education and better your life. Anything is possible as long as you’re willing to put in the work.”

I do love it when a WWE Superstar tries to make an impact on the lives of people. Drugs are a major problem, not only in India but other countries too. Therefore, Jinder speaking out about the drug problem is quite important, since he is a role model by many Indian youngsters and especially the Sikh community.

Criticism from Wrestling Fans

Unfortunately, not everything has been going great for Jinder Mahal, because some wrestling fans are accusing him of using steroids. Some wrestling fans believe that his transformation is simply not possible over such a short period of time unless he used steroids to achieve his goal.

One former WWE employee who fuelled the claims that Jinder may be using steroids is Ryback. In his podcast, he said that Jinder could have gynecomastia, which is a swelling of the breast tissue (also known as man boobs); this condition could be a result of steroid use according to Ryback.

“Speaking of t–s, who I noticed had t–s this week on RAW, Jinder Mahal.”

“I noticed… they did a close up of his f–king chest and I just noticed it right away. I’ve never had that or anything because I don’t… like, there’s no reason to. When you get gyno, red flags right off the f–king bat, Dr. [David] Black.”

Ryback is known for his controversial statements. He also claimed he was the one who filmed Paige’s sex tape. Still, this is just speculation and there is no actual proof.

There is someone else who believes Jinder Mahal may be on something, more specifically our colleague Dave Meltzer. Since Meltzer is one of the most respected wrestling journalists, many people value his opinion. Still, not even Meltzer has any hard proof that Jinder has taken steroids.


I think it’s great that Jinder tries to be vocal about the drug problem of India. Despite the rumors about him, there is no proof that Jinder has taken steroids. Until there is, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

What’s your opinion?