Immortal Moments: WWF Turns To WWE With The “Get the F Out” Campaign

Let’s look back at a┬áhistorical day in WWFE history. The World Wrestling Federation became World Wrestling Entertainment and the Vince McMahon had to tell fans to “Get the “F” out”

The change happened after WWF was forced to drop the “F” as in “Federation” from their name due to a copyright lawsuit from the OTHER WWF, the World Wildlife Fund. The ruling came from a UK court but had global ramifications. Not only did WWF have to get rid of the “F”, they could no longer use the WWF name or logo.

The name dispute led to one of the more iconic parody logos out there

For reference, here is the evolution of the logo over the years.

The lawsuit between the World Wildlife Fund and WWE was so far reaching that for a time WWE had to censor and edit out all images and mentions of the WWF logo from old WWE television and Pay-Per-Views. A settlement was reached in 2012 to allow WWE to show the logo.

The change is still being felt today. Fans refer to “WWF” when discussing older pre-2002 wrestling. Older wrestling fans will still call WWE “WWF” from time to time.

Both brands seemed to get over it, though. But it was certainly one of the weirder moments in wrestling and pop culture history.

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