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Hollywood liberals are in full blown crisis mode because President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. The folks who were crying for Comey’s head after Hillary blamed him for her loss are upset that he was actually fired. Their out-of-touch hypocrisy was on full display on Twitter.

Nobody is more obsessed with Donald Trump than Rosie O’Donnell. Her rage at the fact that Trump beat Hillary is so intense that I’m not sure how she is able to function. She isn’t taking the news of Comey’s firing well, even though she blames Comey for Hillary’s loss.

Of course she wasn’t the only overpaid celebrity to suddenly become a constitutional scholar. We cannot hold elections “over.”

Alyssa Milano is upset that President Trump fired people that were from the Obama Administration. Apparently, she doesn’t understand that this happens routinely with a new Administration.

There certainly wasn’t any shortage of Hollywood hot takes over Comey’s firing.

This is so comical. Just a few days ago, they wanted Comey’s head on a stick. Now that they got it, they are upset that it happened. It’ll be funny to see how the ladies from The View react when they were skewering Comey just a few days ago in the tweeted video below.

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