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David Hasselhoff’s battle with alcohol is well-documented. Now, it appears that alcoholism also runs in the family after the shocking news of his youngest daughter’s alarming drunk driving arrest on Saturday.

Hayley Hasselhoff was arrested after being found passed out behind the wheel of her car. She was found with snoozing with her foot on the brake on the highway! Thankfully, it wasn’t on the gas! She could have killed people!

First responders were able to wake her and get her to roll down her window. The Sharknado 4 star failed a sobriety test on site. Hasselhoff was booked for DUI at the Van Nuys jail where she stayed until she was bailed out for $5,000.

The 24 year old plus size model is going to have a lot of explaining to do. Perhaps her father can offer her some guidance regarding issues with alcohol before she kills someone. This could have been a horrific tragedy.

In the video below, Hayley spoke with ET about her career as a plus sized model.

Hopefully she has a scared straight moment. Too many people drive drunk and injure and kill innocent people who are going about their day. Actions have consequences and perhaps the book should be thrown at her as a wake up call!

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Source: Daily Mail

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