Alarming video of a brawl that occurred outside of the the residence of the Turkish Ambassador in Washington, D.C., shows a violent clash between supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Kurdish protesters.

The Kurds were thrown to the ground, and some were kicked in the head by men in suits. The Daily Mail reports the bodyguards of President Erdoğan are those men who launched the bloody attack.

Raw video of the attack is below. Nine people were injured and two were arrested.

Watch the melee:

Another angle shows D.C. police scrambling to catch these well-dressed thugs.

Erdoğan was at the White House to meet with President Trump to address our strained ties with the embattled nation. Given his country’s stance against Kurds, it was likely that Erdoğan would encounter protesters. But, his bodyguards don’t seem to understand that the First Amendment protects protesters and they can’t go kicking them in the head to shut them up.

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Source: Daily Mail

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