When I watched this week’s RAW episode, I found myself pleasantly surprised that Enzo finally gets a bit of a story line. Unfortunately, his storyline involved being attacked by an unknown assailant. Now the question remains: whodunnit?

Here are our top suspects

The Revival


Many people believe that the Revival were the ones that attacked Enzo Amore; not only because a rivalry with the Revival would make sense, but also since the pair were spotted on camera right after the attack.

Of course, the WWE is known to put us on the wrong track on purpose. Therefore, the released footage might just be a plant of WWE creative. We will just have to wait and see!

Apollo Crews & Titus O’Neil

Enzo Amore

The second possibility – and my personal favorite – is an attack by Apollo Crews & Titus O’Neil. This attack would also make sense since Enzo embarrassed Titus during a RAW episode not too long ago. Apollo responded by defending his friend by kicking Enzo in the face.

One of the reasons why I would prefer this rivalry is the fact that I like the combination of Crews and O’Neil. Crews did not have the chance the shine yet and is not getting over with the crowd at the moment, so this little feud could do the trick for him!

Gallows & Anderson

Enzo Amore

Gallows and Anderson are also a possibility, even though I do not believe they were the ones responsible. They already had a rivalry with Enzo and Cass, so the chances the WWE is considering another one is unlikely.

Honestly, I believe Gallows & Anderson deserve a major story line. Even though they’ve held the titles, I feel like their character development and involvement in the main WWE picture has been seriously lacking. Considering the status and ability of these two, I’m quite disappointed in WWE creative.

Big Cass

The WWE loves to break up a working combination from time to time. Therefore, another option we must consider is that Big Cass attacked Enzo!

When the attack happened, Big Cass was the last person I would have suspected. So, if this is the plan of the WWE, they certainly had me fooled. Still, is the WWE ready to break up the dynamic duo?

To be honest, I don’t want Big Cass and Enzo to go their separate ways, because it is their dynamic together I love. However, the fact that Cass could have attacked Enzo does intrigue me endlessly, so it could work if WWE creative handles this right!

What Do You Think? Who Attacked Enzo?

With so many delicious options, it is quite difficult to determine who the culprit is. Since I am so intrigued by this, I hope they keep on doing these attacks and drop a small hint of the culprit every time. Shame the fashion police is not on RAW. Maybe they could track who did it?

Who do you believe attacked Enzo? Are you excited about this story line? Could it be Big Cass? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below! 

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