If you missed it, there are reports all over the place that, during the UK portion of the European Tour, fans chanted at Triple H that they want ‘Mania. And Hunter was actually dismissive of it. But I think he was wrong to do so, and I want to shed some light on it.

First and foremost, I think we all understand the big concern here. A live show, as huge as WrestleMania, will have results posted, tweeted about and more. WWE does not want their biggest show of the year spoiled for folks because of something as stupid as a tweet. I get that. I think a lot of people do too.

But I think they missed the boat here, and I think it can work where WWE has no risk, and United Kingdom fans get their WrestleMania moment. Hang with me folks…

It has been done before, but not in a long time. But, especially as WWE morphs WrestleMania into like a 12 hour show, covering almost all of Sunday, it just can’t get enough coverage on the Network, it seems. So, rather than give us more fluff and filler, talking heads and video highlights…why not give us a three headed monster, WrestleMania style? As in, have a WrestleMania, soon, come at us from not one, but either two or possibly even three locations? Specifically, why can’t we have WrestleMania kick off from the United Kingdom at like 3PM EST, with roughly three hours of wrestling. They’d get at least one major match, of course. Then, for the 6PM-9PM slot, we could keep the international theme going, and land somewhere else that’s never had a chance to host ‘Mania before….think like, Mexico or Brazil. And then the final three hours culminates from either Los Angeles or New York. Nine hours of WrestleMania would be long, yes, but think about all the coverage we already get. It’s actually not that much different.

The challenges would be relative to the Hall of Fame and NXT, but there could be a UK specific Hall ceremony, and the TakeOver show would likely just run from one of the sites.

Could this work? Absolutely. Would I love to see it? Most definitely. Will we? I have no idea, but something tells me it wouldn’t be likely. But I think there are some creative types working in Stamford, and if they haven’t already thought about this, I hope they do.

WNZ readers, what do you think?

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