Charlotte Falls Victim To Phone Hacker!

Paige is no longer the only one who fell victim to the notorious WWE phone hacker. Charlotte can now be added to the list. The news was recently released and Charlotte promptly responded to the situation. So, let us take a closer look at what happened!


Charlotte Flair

Naturally, as the news came in that some of her private photos were leaked, Charlotte was absolutely devastated. She has become the latest target of the notorious phone hacker, who also targeted Paige and former WWE stars Kaitlyn and Maria.

To respond to the news that some of her photos got leaked, Charlotte put out this statement:

Private photos of mine were stolen and shared publicly without my consent. These images must be removed from the Internet immediately.

Fans Supporting Charlotte


Fans of the queen aren’t disappointed in her – and neither am I. There’s been a huge reaction on Twitter on the photo leak, all from fans supporting the Queen.

Look, what people do in their private time is their business. Charlotte didn’t do anything that others wouldn’t do in the comfort of their own home. If you want to send Charlotte your support, be sure to tweet her at @MsCharlotteWWE or #IStandWithCharlotte.

Here are some of the messages of support Charlotte has received over the past couple of days (mine has been included too):

Who is this notorious phone hacker?


Since several former and current female superstars have been targeted by a phone hacker, the real question is who is behind these phone hacks? Del Rio has claimed that Triple H is the culprit. But, that’s an unfounded rumour from a bitter man.

While there is no evidence that the phone leaks are connected, it certainly looks that way. WWE Superstars have been the targets of hackers for months. Even Alexa Bliss and Summer Rae did not escape the scandal. However, they stated that the photos on the internet weren’t of them and were altered.

Past Leaks

Seth Rollins & Zahra Schreiber

Charlotte & Paige certainly aren’t alone when it comes to high-profile leaks, because other WWE Superstars have felt the sting of phone hacks and bad friends. Aside from Hulk Hogan’s well-known scandal, Seth Rollins also experienced what happens when private photographs are released.

Unfortunately, the leak was not entirely undeserved. The picture was posted by his then fiancé after she found out Seth cheated with NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber. Rollins managed to escape serious consequences. Zahra Schreiber was later released from WWE due to inappropriate and offensive remarks she made (i.e. the swastika photo incident).

Should WWE Women’s Wrestlers Protect Themselves?

WWE Women's Wrestlers

With a phone hacker on the loose, female wrestlers must protect themselves. Unfortunately, hacking is not that unusual these days, so learning more about how to protect themselves is vital to keeping their private life private. Even though they are not at fault here, there are some things they can do to keep their private information safe.

What is your opinion on the WWE phone hacking situation?