Supposed funny-man Bill Maher is a creature of the left. But even he sometimes gets things right, and pushes the buttons of his fellow liberals.

During a recent interview with progressive senator Elizabeth Warren, Maher used President Trump’s favorite pejorative to poke fun at the lefty politician.

Everyone knows that Warren fibbed about her ethnicity to gain admission to Harvard Law School. The media gives her a pass, but President Trump frequently reminds us that Warren lied about her identity to gain access to a prestigious institution, thereby filling the spot of a worthy minority in the process.

So Trump calls her “Pocahontas” and rightfully so. Bill Maher teased Warren using the same name, pointing out that Trump voters would never back her.

Sen. Warren is clearly taken aback by the name. She stammers and is unable to continue her train of thought. Watch:

It’s rumored that Warren is setting the groundwork for a presidential run in 2020. If she bristles this much at being reminded about her phony past, just imagine how she’ll fare against Donald Trump.

Even in front of a friendly audience, Warren was clearly embarrassed by Maher’s word choice. I can’t wait to watch President Trump make mincemeat out of her!

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Source: TheBlaze

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