What’s Next for Paige?

The following article will be painful to write for me, as I’m sitting next to my Paige merchandise, wondering what went wrong.

Paige is still one of my favorite female wrestlers of all time, right next to Lita and Trish Stratus despite her young age, but I genuinely fear for her career now. Every day I look at my sources for the latest wrestling news, Paige is involved in something negative almost every time. The latest was another drunken rant of Alberto Del Rio, with Paige right next beside him.

The Devolution of Paige’s Decline

Seeing Paige go from the most promising and talented WWE female wrestler to persona non grata at the WWE felt like a knife to the heart to me. Many fans of the female wrestler can see her talent and her potential, yet cannot understand how she can let Del Rio endanger it all.

Things seemed to go pear-shaped when Paige started dating Del Rio. While I did not care whether they were dating or not, I did start caring when I noticed a change in Paige’s demeanor and her overall attitude towards the WWE.

Let’s be frank! Paige is still young, but she’s certainly not stupid. Unfortunately, I think her love for Del Rio is blinding her to what’s happening to her character and career. This may sound a little harsh, and frankly none of my business, it still pains me as a fan to see the decline of such an amazing female wrestler.

Paige’s Contract with WWE

Our sources have not revealed any developments where Paige’s contract with the WWE is concerned. Both parties (apart from Del Rio) are keeping tight-lipped on the situation.

During a recent rant of Del Rio put on the internet, Paige was asked how her neck was. She replied that it was fine and that she was going for a check-up Tuesday; this could mean that she is ready for a return.

However, a WWE contract does contain a morality clause. Even though there were no consequences for the video leak, there might be some consequences connected to Del Rio’s recent statements, which were made with Paige right next to him. Even though they may not be the opinion of Paige herself, the lines between Paige’s professional and personal life are tremendously blurred at the moment.

A Plea to Paige

It is difficult being young and amazingly talented in a world that wants to take advantage of that youth and talent. However, it should never affect the essence of what you are and who you can be. Neither should a relationship. While I wish Paige nothing but happiness with Del Rio, I do hope she finds the strength and uniqueness again that we all admire in her.

The direction Paige is going to take will only be known to us in the next couple of months. I hope to see her in a WWE or other wrestling ring again. Even if she doesn’t return, I wish her nothing but happiness. As a woman, she has the right to live her life as she sees fit. Of course, we can still silently hope for a return of the black raven to the WWE!

Will Paige return to WWE? Share your thoughts.