bat salad

Two people are getting rabies shots after finding a dead bat in the salad mix they bought at Walmart. The horrifying discovery has let to a voluntary recall of some Fresh Express salads.

The two people ate some of the salad before seeing the bat parts in their meal. The remains of the bat have been sent to the Centers for Disease Control for rabies testing. The two people were not only grossed out, but now they are getting rabies shots as a preventative measure.

The salads that are being targeted in a voluntary recall are 5 oz. Organic Marketside Spring Mix, marketed in a clear container with production code G089B19 and best-if-used-by date of APR 14, 2017, located on the front label, and UPC code 6 8113132897 5 located on the bottom of the container.

The precautionary recall affects southwestern states:

I can’t imagine discovering this in my salad after I had started eating it. I would be afraid to eat anything packaged ever again!

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