I’ve been following Vader for a long time, so I was devastated to hear about his heartbreaking prognosis. Even though Vader is facing some tough times, he refuses to stop wrestling!

What’s Going On With Vader?


If you have been following the story somewhat, you already know that doctors told Vader he didn’t have long to live last year. While different doctors have told him different things, most seem to agree that time is running out for the legendary wrestler.

The seriousness of Vader’s health problems became clearer when he announced exactly what was going on. Doctors told him that he was suffering from congenital heart failure and therefore should adjust his lifestyle. But they clearly did not get what Vader Time means, because the man is still going!

Last Japan Tour?


Despite his diagnosis, Vader travelled to Japan to keep on wrestling! He was honest with his wrestling promoter, giving them the information the doctors had given him before. Vader has been wrestling since then, but it all came to a head during the 45th anniversary of WWE Hall of Famer Tatsumi Fujinami.

During a wrestling match against Riki Chosu, Vader ended up passing out. Many people were concerned his diagnoses has caught up with him.

Early reports stated that the wrestling legend suffered from dehydration. Later on, Vader tweeted that he was dropped on his head during the match.

More speculation regarding Vader’s health has been going around the wrestling locker rooms, with many stating this could be Vader’s last Japan tour. Unfortunately, the incident at the Japanese wrestling scene could prevent promoters from acquiring his services again.

What Will Happen To Vader?


I honestly hope Vader takes the time to get better, even though his terrifying diagnosis doesn’t leave much room for hope. You have to admire the man though, he just keeps going despite what must be unimaginable terror. Many of us would have crumbled in a corner and cried, but not Vader!

Despite the circumstances in Japan – which were completely out of his control if you ask me – this legend is still in demand. Unfortunately, his health could be problematic, because most wrestling promoters are not willing to take the risk. It pains me to see a wrestler with so much passion and so little opportunity, despite such a long career in the business. One thing is certain though, everyone who has been through the Attitude Era will remember Vader, no matter what he does next.

When you look at Vader’s Twitter, you notice that the support he gets from his fans is extremely important and valuable to him. I believe that all the support, love, and admiration keeps the man going and keeps him fighting for his life. So, therefore I urge every Vader fan to send him a tweet with some nice words for the man and encourage him to keep up the good fight. You can tweet vader at @itsvadertime. Even if his illness does beat him in the end, we need to let him know what he means to us before it is too late. Still, I think this man has a lot more fight left!

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