WWE is reporting that The New Day’s Kofi Kingston is going to be out of action after having his ankle broken last week by the Revival:

“During the attack by The Revival, Kofi injured his right ankle and heard a crack, and was unable to put weight on his leg following the attack,” WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann told WWE.com. “Further evaluation and an MRI revealed that the attack had caused fragments of bone to break off the ankle bone (talus), requiring arthroscopic surgery to remove the bone chips from the damaged joint.”

In true bad-guy form, the #TopGuys celebrated injuring the longest reigning tag champion on social media and declared themselves as the new top tag team on Raw.


Taking it a step further, they made a great T-shirt to “celebrate” taking out Kingston. Old-School wrestling fans will pick up the reference instantly.


The T-shirt is a call-back to one worn and made famous by Greg Valentine, referencing him putting Chief Wahoo out of action.

The Revival style themselves as an old school southern tag team. Their move-set is similar to the Midnight Express, the Brainbusters, and other bruising classic teams from the NWA, Mid-South, and Crockett Promotions years.

No word yet on if the shirt will be available for sale or even worn on TV. But the Revival is already setting themselves up to be the bad guys on whichever roster they end up on after this week’s “Shake up.”

What do you think? Would you buy this Revival shirt? Share your thoughts.

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