Berkeley Skateboard

Pro-Trump forces won the day in Berkeley, California, over the weekend when they charged down a street forcing the cowardly anti-Trump protesters and Antifa members to run away. However, as the radical, violent Antifa members fled, one of them whacked their own member upside the head with a skateboard.

The video begins showing the pro-Trump crowd being attacked by a smoke bomb. The liberal protesters were also using makeshift IEDs filling glass bottles with fireworks and lobbing them at the pro-Trump crowd. Having been fed up with these violent attacks, the pro-Trump crowd charged the liberal line, forcing the cowards to flee.

The liberals even tried to setup a barricade in order to slow down the charging Trump supporters, but one swift kick knocked it over. Once the barricade was down, the Antifa members continued to flee and that’s when one of them decided to whack his fellow psychotic protester upside the head with a skateboard.

You can see the Antifa member get unmasked around the 2:50 mark and then get smacked upside the head around 3:01. I watched multiple times – it’s too funny!


It’s just too good. Even before he gets whacked with the skateboard, he gets a dose of what appears to be bear maceĀ from his own team. You can see the toll the pepper spray takes on the pro-Trump supporters, so you can only imagine what getting hit by the pepper spray and smacked upside the head with a skateboard must have done to the Antifa member!

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