When it comes to smarts, The View’s Joy Behar is a few eggs short of an omelet.

The comments came during a discussion on sanctuary cities Behar said that if President Trump forces localities to enforce the federal law on immigration, First Lady Melania Trump will have nowhere to go.

Behar actually said Melania Trump needs “sanctuary.”

What a profoundly ignorant thing to say.

Melania Trump is a U.S. citizen. She became one in 2006.

The First Lady went through the process of actually becoming a citizen of the country she emigrated to. What a novel concept!


Behar Shows Her Butt

You can watch Behar spout her ill-informed drivel below. The video is worth watching. Watch these chatter-head ladies act like they know a damn thing about what lawful societies require.

It only makes sense that Behar can crack a joke like that about the First Lady and not receive a million and a half calls for her to be fired.

Behar is a good little liberal. She recites progressive-approved lines about President Trump being a meanie and how conservatives are racist.

As an illegal-loving liberal, Behar is in on the big con job that’s rampant in the media. To keep America’s borders open so Democrats can import more ringers to win elections and destroy the American way of life.

Share this story if you aren’t fooled! Joy Behar and her illegal-loving pals need to keep the First Lady’s name out of their dirty mouths!

Source: Truthfeed

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