Impact Wrestling’s Bram Suspended for Inappropriate Social Media Post

Social media is a dangerous thing, this certainly became clear for Impact Wrestling Star Bram, who was suspended by Japanese promotion Pro Wrestling Noah

Social media is a dangerous thing for some wrestling stars; this certainly became clear for Impact Wrestling Star Bram, who was suspended by Japanese promotion Pro Wrestling Noah for an inappropriate social media post.

What Happened?


Bram Fridge

Noah suspended Bram as a result of a social media post deemed inappropriate by the company. The post in question was a photograph of the 30-year-old wrestler while laying on top of a refrigerator at a convenience store. The picture had some serious backlash from fans (for reasons I don’t really understand myself). Bram later removed the picture from his social media, but the damage was done. He also issued an apology to Pro Wrestling Noah stating the following: “I am very sorry. I will take the decision of NOAH seriously and I apologize sincerely.” (See JBL, a genuine apology only takes one or two sentences without excuses!).

What Happens to Bram?


Because of the decision made by Pro Wrestling Noah, someone will have to replace Bram. Even though the star has apologized, Pro Wrestling Noah does not seem to want to go back on their decision. They have decided to replace Bram with Kazma Sakamoto during the Global Tag League.

The problems between Bram and Pro Wrestling Noah does not affect his position at Impact Wrestling; this means we can still admire BRAM at TNA (thank god!).

Statement from Masayuki Uchida


The chairman of Pro Wrestling Noah stated that he found the photograph inappropriate and apologized to fans of the wrestling promotion. He also stated all employees will have to follow a social media workshop in the following days.

My Opinion on This Situation

Bram TNA

I’m not a wrestling superstar and I’ve taken crazy pictures like this. It’s just a bit of fun, it’s not like he did an Ariana Grande and licked a donut in the shop and then put it back. I don’t think the man meant to cause offense with this and I certainly don’t have issues with it. However, Japanese fans don’t seem to agree.

The majority of European and US fans don’t seem to get the exact problem. These are some of the comments from fans I found online:

  • “Can some explain what’s really bad about the picture. Was he on drugs when he took it? Is disrespecting Ice Cream a really big deal in Japan?”
  • “I get, maybe it’s a cultural thing but here in the UK and I’m sure in the US is ice cream that big a deal?”
  • “Yeah, because their treatment of dolphins is ‘respectable behavior’ LOL”

There was one interesting comment that seems the explain the situation somewhat:

  • “In a country that is all about respectful behavior and self-control, this is perceived as extremely rude. They can get a bit extreme about such things, but yeah… He should have known that.”

Cultural differences can be a factor here, so that would explain the harsh suspension. At least future wrestlers now know not to lay in a freezer when they visit Japan.

Your thoughts?

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