Hardy Boyz Could Get Broken Again!

Nobody was more surprised than I to learn that the Hardy Boyz weren’t using their broken gimmick in the WWE. However, Dave Meltzer reported this week that the Hardy Boyz could be returning to their broken gimmick, but only if the deal with Impact Wrestling comes through.

The Return of the Broken Hardyz

Matt & Jeff Hardy

The Hardy Boyz are not able to use their Broken gimmick in the WWE, mainly because that gimmick is entangled in a messy legal problem with Impact Wrestling. The WWE is trying to work out a deal with Impact, so the Hardy Boyz can be broken again.

Unfortunately, the deal won’t be made that easily. WWE does not want to give royalties or long-term merchandise deals to Impact Wrestling. Impact Wrestling won’t appreciate that. The WWE is willing to buy the gimmick with one lump sum, but the question remains if Impact Wrestling will take that deal or not.

Single Run for Jeff

Jeff Hardy

Vince McMahon is known for his controversial decisions, so it is no surprise that he has plans for the Hardy Boyz separately. Vince looks to be showing an interest in Jeff only, as sources claim Vince is considering a single run for him.

While I don’t mind seeing Jeff in a single run, I don’t want them to lose track of the continuous potential of the Hardy Boyz as a unit. However, there could be some interesting matches if Jeff does a singles run. Just think about the options — Jeff Vs. Fin Balor or Brock Lesnar.

Plans for Matt?

Matt Hardy

Both Hardy Boyz are creative creatures, so I genuinely hope the WWE doesn’t bury any great ideas Matt and Jeff may have during their singles run. The question is, if Jeff does get a big push, what does this mean for Matt?

Unfortunately, RAW has quite the reputation of getting in the biggest names at the draft (or returning superstars such as the Hardy Boyz), only to bury them later. Just think about what happened with the Dudleys, who got put in a ridiculous “no tables” gimmick and turned into jobbers over the course of a few months. I am terrified the same will happen to the Hardys. So you can imagine I genuinely wanted them on SmackDown instead of RAW.

Once Jeff gets his push on RAW, I’m afraid there will be little left for Matt to do. Of course, there is the possibility of the intercontinental championship. However, it would be a face-face match if Ambrose still holds the title.


Hardy Boyz

I like the efforts of the WWE to get the broken gimmick on WWE television. Still, I am terrified as well, because WWE creative has so many (good/bad?) ideas, it could actually saturate the power of the characters the Hardy Boyz have developed. The current WWE roster is plagued by superstars with facing an identity crisis, so I hope the Hardy Boyz don’t get to share the same fate.

How do you see the development of the Hardy Boyz in the future? What influence could the WWE have on the power and popularity of their characters?