Of all the puppets on TV, Elmo has captured the hearts and minds of adults and children alike. His furry red skin and unique laugh will always bring a smile to your face!

But have you ever thought of Elmo going through a fast food drive-thru? Better yet, how about if Elmo was driving a car through the fast food drive-thru and he ended up at your window?

Check this out, via Rare:

Rahat has modified the driver seat of his car so that he can disguise himself as your kid’s favorite Sesame Street resident, Elmo, while still controlling the vehicle. He heads to the drive-thru windows of various fast-food establishments, and completely freaks out the employees.

The reactions are mixed. Some of the cashiers laugh, some of them are completely horrified, and one of them even threatens to call the police — but luckily, Elmo manages to evade capture.

Watch below:

How many smiles did that bring to your face? Elmo did a great job and these workers were awesome as they went along with the prank!

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