Sandra’s Boss Predictions for WrestleMania 33

WrestleMania predictions are a dime a dozen, unless you have the crystal ball of Ringside Intel's Sandra D. Here we break down

This is What’s About to Go Down

There are loads of interesting rumors going around for WrestleMania 33, so it’s no surprise that it took us a while to go through all of them and select the biggest and boldest predictions.

If you’re not excited for the upcoming WrestleMania extravaganza, be sure to read on, because we are about to disclose the predictions for WrestleMania 33 we believe just might be true!

Return of Female Wrestlers and Possible NXT Upgrades


We’re quite excited about some of the rumors going around about the women’s division. There’s a rumor that Naomi might come back for the title, and given the unique and revamped character of the former women’s champion, we’re certainly looking forward to a big entrance.

There’s also talk about Eva Marie returning, the all-red-everything diva we all love to hate. You either like Eva Marie or you hate her, there is no in-between. She certainly has electric heat on her, despite being off the airwaves for a considerable time. If she does make her return at WrestleMania, the boos will be deafening.

Lastly, we’re hearing about Asuka going to the main roster on WrestleMania. Considering the undefeated status of the Empress, and the big match coming up with Ember Moon for her title, there’s a possibility she could be upgraded to the main roster… should she lose her title. If she doesn’t get the upgrade at the Show of Shows, we will certainly be disappointed, because she truly deserves an unforgettable entrance that will put her straight on the top of the main roster.

Return of the Hardy Boys

Rumors about the Hardy Boys returning to WWE have been going on for months. If the talk has some substance to it, there’s no better place than the Grandest Stage of Them All. Several websites have reported on contract negotiations between the Hardy Boys and WWE, but confirmation still eludes the two. If the Hardy Boys do make their return, the entire event will be a successful one in our eyes, no matter what else happens.

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Possible Disappointment for the Andre the Giant Battle Royal

Even though WrestleMania 33 is going to be packed with great matches, the least interesting one seems to be the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, which will feature numerous B-card Superstars such as Apollo Crews and Curt Hawkins. Considering the lack of star power in this Battle Royal, we’re inclined to agree with this rumor. We believe that the Andre the Giant Battle Royal might be set up to showcase Braun Strowman once again, while playing the rivalry between Ziggler and Rawley in the background. So, if you’re looking to make dinner during the event, this might be the match to do it.

Other Predictions You Probably Want to Know

The predictions above are the most important to us, but there are many others going around right now; this includes an upgrade for Shinsuke Nakamura to the main roster, John Cena proposing to Nikki Bella, and much more.

Have you heard a rumor about the ultimate thrill ride you would love to share with us? Drop us a line and let us know the juicy gossip!

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