You can tell a lot about someone by how they treat animals. Eric and Lara Trump’s story about their dogs sure says a lot about the true nature of their character.

The couple passed over the opportunity to have designer and expensive dogs. Instead, they have two rescue beagles who they clearly adore.

Their second rescue, named Ben, has quite a tale to tell about the love and compassion of animal rescue volunteers, and the Trumps as well. He went from a shelter in San Antonio where he was so sick that he spent a month in a vet hospital. He had a horrible case of mange that left his skin raw and exposed.

Poor Ben was not only physically miserable, but he was very depressed and acted rejected. That was about to change.

Ben’s physical ailments didn’t distract Eric and Lara from welcoming Ben into their home. Ben was transferred to a New York rescue group and that’s how he found his way to the Trumps.

First, they fostered him but they recognized that he belonged with them forever. He was then officially a Trump!

What a dramatic story Ben has! Love can completely change someone and Ben is proof of that! Lara and Eric’s social media prove that he’s a pampered and loved pooch.

Eric and Lara promote the idea of adopting rather than shopping for a dog. They discuss the journey from the pound to being a member of the First Family in the video below.

I love this family! They have such compassion and walk the walk. They spend a lot of their time and resources encouraging others to adopt rescue dogs as well.

Now Eric and Lara are expecting their first child. Ben and their other rescue dog Sam will be getting a little brother who they will protect and love.

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