drunk driver

Drinking and driving is never a good idea.

One Hawaii driver found this out the hard way when he smashed into a highway barrier while speeding. It was all caught on the dash cam of another car, so maybe others can learn from this fool’s mistake.

The driver is lucky to be alive according the person with the dash cam. The witness wrote,

“The driver impacted the barrier at a high rate of speed. I was operating the rear vehicle and hit the wheel and attached suspension causing major under carriage damage. The driver was trapped in the vehicle with gas leaking. Myself and a good Samaritan pried open the damaged passenger door and freed the driver. I was concerned that the vehicle would catch on fire. The driver was Code 25 DUI. The driver is very lucky to be alive and was able to walk away from this! I want that person to see this so they know they were given a second chance! A big mahalo to the great Samaritan who assisted in freeing the driver! I want to share this video to prevent another occurrence. This was no accident- the driver chose to drive drunk.”

It’s kind of nuts how he drives right into the barrier. You can watch it in the video below.

The drunk driver didn’t appear to have a clue there was a barrier in front of him! Alcohol and driving just don’t mix. Thank goodness everyone is okay!

Share this is if you know better than to drink and drive!

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