Wintley Phipps

Gospel and Christian music just mean more than most other genres.

Songs of praise and thankfulness sung to God come from a deep place of spiritualism and faith that most other genres of music can’t touch.

It is why, when I am feeling down, I listen to any gospel I can, especially if it come from a contemporary of Bill Gaither.

Wintley Phipps’ voice is one of a kind. It booms like a bass but can soar like an alto or tenor. He truly has one of the more unique voices in all of gospel music.

He’s also a phenomenal story teller. He discusses an interaction he had with a down on her luck flight attendant when he shared his music with her.

He then sings “It Is Well With My Soul”, and it is powerful!

Watch it below:

WOW! I got goosebumps just listening to this! I loved it. I perked up and felt better just listening to it.

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